Get to know 6PR’s standing finance expert

Who’s that man on the radio chatting about money every Wednesday afternoon? Jason Featherby, of course!

Jason Featherby and Knight have proudly supported West Aussies with free financial insights on 6PR for many years now, and have become very fond of the opportunity to talk about all things finance with Julie-Anne Sprague every week.

Covering all topics from superannuation, preparing for retirement, and the latest hot investment topics (and everything in between), Jason takes the opportunity to engage with West Australians on their burning questions over a Wednesday afternoon coffee.

Our approach is founded on the vision to support WA individuals, businesses and families to achieve financial prosperity – a vision maintained by Jason’s weekly 6PR segment.

Money Tips Podcast

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So, how can Jason from the radio help you? The first step is to book a free financial consultation. And the rest, we’ll take care of – every step of the way.

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