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Since 1971, Knight has remained steadfast in our mission to ensure financial prosperity for all. By pairing our team’s genuine passion for growth with a laser-focused drive, we support businesses and individuals who strive for financial success. Our vision is long-term, leveraging the strength of our expertise and the relationships we have formed to help our clients achieve consistent short-term wins.

Partnering with us makes managing your financial health simpler.

Access to the best financial minds in WA means you’ll receive exactly the expertise you need at any particular time in your financial journey. Our team is highly skilled in a broad range of financial matters but we’ll always make sure to deliver our advice in a simple and accessible way.

Strong, honest relationships are important to us.

We value feeling connected. We focus on getting to know you, your circumstances and your goals in order to nurture an honest, enduring relationship. The better we know you, the better we are able to provide you with the knowledge, services, advice and networks you need. Our clients know that when we advise or act for them, we always do so with their best interests at heart.

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