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Our story spans 45 fascinating years of growth and adaptation to an ever-evolving economic climate. Read our story to learn how technology, market changes and key moments in history dramatically changed not only our working landscape but that of our clients.

The story begins

  • 1971-1979
It was the year 1971 and, from a small office in Fremantle, our founding fathers, Terry Cruickshank and Karel Nissen, had just formed Cruikshank, Nissen & Associates. Over the next eight years, we experienced significant growth, resulting in our relocation to a bigger office on Labouchere Road in South Perth in 1979. This growth would not have been possible without the dedicated team of experts assisting Terry and Karel.

During this initial growth phase, Terry and Karel purchased a very exciting piece of equipment – the firm’s first photocopier! This may not seem like much of an achievement today but in 1977 this photocopier was so advanced that it was the same price as Australia’s best selling car at the time – the Holden Commodore.

Surf shops, printers and market crashes

  • 1980-1989
The 80s were an exciting time for the firm. Personal computers had radically transformed from being toys for electronics hobbyists to industry staples. In 1980, Terry and Karel purchased the first computer for the firm, quickly replacing the photocopier as the most revolutionary item in the office.

1985 brought with it a Dot Matrix printer and a new business venture in the form of a surf shop. Sadly, within two years, the ‘surf was up’ for this daring side venture and the shop closed in 1987.

Despite the closure, there were some highlights that year. The Australian economy was shaken up with introductions to both the Capital Gains Tax and Fringe Benefits Tax. This resulted in significant changes to how our clients operated their businesses.

1987 also brought with it the famous stock market crash. This tumultuous event rocked the financial world, sending the market into decline and pressuring brokers into panic selling. Over five days, this pressurised series of events culminated in the now infamous Black Monday.

The company dedicated much of its time to helping our clients recover lost wealth from this tragic occurrence. We nurtured many of these clients back into sustained, secure growth. The business continued to flourish and moved into a larger office on Stone Street in South Perth.

In 1987, Karel was also hilariously challenged by his first encounter with the humble mouse. It required the assistance of a junior employee to overcome Karel’s frustration at always guiding the mouse off the edge of the desk by informing him that the mouse could be lifted off the desk when being used.

1988 was a milestone year for our business. This was the year that we first started offering Self-Managed Superannuation services to our clients. We noticed that the demand for services of this nature was increasing amongst our client base and subsequently set out a dedicated area within our business to assist clients. This was a natural step in achieving our vision to provide clients with a holistic approach to managing their financial affairs.

The introduction of financial planning

  • 1990-1999

Continuing along our evolutionary path, the firm began providing Financial Planning Services in 1990. Similar to the introduction of Corporate Services and Self-Managed Super Services in the 80s, this service was established as a new method of assisting our clients with the management of their financial affairs.

GST and the birth of NKH

  • 2000-2010
2000 started off controversially with the introduction of the GST in July of that year.

At this point, our group was diversified across four major areas. In June 2008, NKH Financial Services Group was established as an overarching group brand. This move pulled the four brands together and gave us a single presence in the marketplace.

All group brands were refreshed in 2010 with each receiving a subtle new look and feel. The continuous-line drawings were created to symbolise the journey we have shared with our clients and staff.

Continuous evolution

  • 2013
Over the years, we have evolved from a small partnership to a boutique company. The different brands within our group have also evolved, demonstrating how we have effectively adapted to our environment and to the needs of our clients.

In mid-2013 we started Overwatch Asset Management as a new service available to our clients. Research indicated that a number of our clients wished to invest in a wider range of investment opportunities. Overwatch was implemented to address this requirement by offering clients access to investment opportunities usually reserved for professional investors.

Standing the test of time

  • 2020-Present
By 2020, we had reconsolidated our businesses to form a strong, singular entity under the name Knight.

In 2021, we took our financial advice to the airwaves. Director Jason Featherby co-hosts a regular weekly segment on the Perth radio station 6PR, answering a broad spectrum of financial queries from the station’s listeners.

Keen to support other small business owners in their own journey and share our industry expertise with like-minded entrepreneurs, we proudly sponsored the Perth chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO) in 2023.

To this day, Knight contains all facets of our previous businesses, including Self-Managed Super, Financial Advice, Business Advice and Accounting, among others. Despite our many different areas of expertise, we have always worked as a team to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients. Teamwork and trust have been constant themes throughout our history, as evident in our client relationships that stand the test of time. Our services are interconnected, ensuring clients are never more than a handshake away from a solution.

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