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Women’s Finances

1:53 Women retire, on average, with 42% less super than men. This is around $100,000 less.
2:03 Three reasons why this occurs.
2:07 (1) The average woman will take around 5 years off work to look after their children, resulting in 5 years where you’re not collecting super.
2:20 (2) When family members are ill, female partners tend to be the ones to take time off work to care for them.
2:32 (3) When women do go back to work, around half of them do so on a part time basis.
2:51 Suggestions on how to tackle these issues.
3:10 Tip: If you earn less than $40,000 a year, your partner can put up to $3,000 a year into your super and claim a $540 tax deduction.
3:43 Scenario: I am retired and have no super whatsoever. However, I have quite an extensive share portfolio that I own directly and pay tax on. Will I still receive my imputation credits?
7:16 Investing through Raiz accounts.
9:14 The importance of women discussing their superannuation with their spouses.
14:54 I am 55 years old and on a disability pension. What are my options to save?
18:47 Growing your super fund at retirement age when you can no longer make contributions.

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