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Knight group financial market update february 2024

Market Update: February 2024

February saw the US markets make consistent All-time highs throughout the months. Locally we did breach all time highs but traded sideways for the majority of the month., however at the time of writing the ASX200 has cracked the 7,800 point level touching as high as 7,850 points. Market performance is summarised below: 1m 3m 6m 1yr 2yr (p.a.) 3yr (p.a.) 5yr (p.a.) Australian Shares 0.79% 9.39% 7.42% 10.64% 8.89% 9.32% 8.61% Australian Listed Property 5.05% 18.68% 13.40% 16.05% 4.16%

Knight group financial market update january 2024

Market Update: January 2024

The first month of 2024 is behind us and we are now marching well into 2024 a year of presidential elections, the Olympics and much anticipated rate cuts… how many rate cuts if any is the big question on investors’ minds. 1m 3m 6m 1yr 2yr (p.a.) 3yr (p.a.) 5yr (p.a.) Australian Shares 1.19% 13.99% 5.79% 7.09% 9.62% 9.56% 9.71% Australian Listed Property 1.21% 25.07% 10.05% 9.48% 2.20% 7.79% 5.42% US Shares (USD) 1.59% 15.54% 5.59% 18.86% 3.59% 9.27% 12.37%

Knight group financial market update october 2023

Market Update: October 2023

Global markets endured a tough month in October, which continued the sell off trend from late July. A summary of key market returns is as follows. 1m 3m 6m 1yr 2yr (p.a.) 3yr (p.a.) 5yr (p.a.) Australian Shares -3.78% -7.19% -5.30% 2.95% 0.44% 8.88% 7.18% Australian Listed Property -5.83% -11.97% -10.24% -3.62% -8.99% 2.73% 1.90% US Shares (USD) -2.20% -8.61% 0.58% 8.31% -4.57% 8.65% 9.11% World Shares (Hedged) 2.72% -8.07% -0.51% 8.27% -4.51% 8.34% 7.45% As can be seen above,

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Market Update: August 2022

Market Update: August 2022 Market Overview Australian share markets outperformed their global peers in August, delivering positive returns where most other markets were in the red. This follows on from a strong July which saw the local market up 5.75% and most other major markets up 6-7%. Whilst most people are no receiving their end of financial year statements showing mainly negative returns, the current financial year has seen most, if not all, of these recouped. We summarise the performance

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Market Update: June 2022

Market Update: May 2022 Market Overview June was a horror show for investment markets, with all major markets and asset classes down. The Australian market lost 9% to extend the drops in May and remain 10% down for the year. Global stocks and the US market both fell 8% and the only market which showed any strength was China, finishing the month up 10%, however still remains 10% down for the year. We summarise the performance of key markets below.

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Market Update: May 2022

Market Update: May 2022 Market Overview May was a poor month for markets across the globe. The Australian market lost 2.6% and globally tech stocks again felt the brunt of increased interest rate expectations as inflation continues to embed itself into the major economies. We summarise the performance of key markets below.   1m 3m 6m 1yr 3yr (p.a.) 5yr (p.a.) Australian Shares -2.60% 3.21% 1.44% 4.84% 7.85% 10.37% Australian Listed Property -8.55% -6.59% -9.61% 3.09% 3.09% 6.30% US Shares

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Market Update: April 2022

Market Update: April 2022 Market Overview The Australian market held up relatively well in April with the ASX/200 finishing down 0.85% which is primarily on the back of strength in resources. The tech-heavy US didn’t fare as well, down a massive 8.80% and continuing to slide as we enter May     There is somewhat of a perfect storm falling on share markets at the moment. A confluence of forces such as surging inflation, rising interest rates, war in Europe

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Market Update: February 2022

Market Update: February 2022 The Australian market finished the month of February up 2.1%, however global equities dropped on the big news of Russia invading the Ukraine. The jitters around the impact of the invasion had been building, along with markets adjusting to the impact of higher global rates, such that 6 month returns are all negative for the major asset classes, as summarised below:     The outperformance of the Australian market over the past month can be attributed

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Market Update: May 2021

The Australian market finished the month of May up 2.3% rebounding from a 3.4% sell of retesting the 7,000 point level earlier in the month. Currently the market hasn’t looked back from this retest of the 7,000 point level, up over 6% at around 7,380 points at the time of writing this. The performance of the Australian share market this calendar year can mainly be attributed to the banking sector. Toward the back end of 2019 banking stocks were still


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