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When will Australia’s interest rates start rising? With Jason Featherby and Millsy on 6PR!

01:30 What can be expected from APRA’s bank loan changes?

04:40 Is buying a house about to become even harder?

05:50 What are the implications of interest rates for retirees?

10:28 Top tips on choosing a credit card.

11:40 Does a ‘cheap’ credit card exist?

12:25 Should you still be investing in high growth super funds?

13:10 How often should you check your super?

13:35 Financial advice over-charges.

16:50 Jason’s grandfather’s career in insurance sales.

18:45 The risk of investing in products.

19:18 The problem with today’s bank account interest rates.

21:00 What are the downsides of online banking?

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