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Understanding the Basics of Investing

2:52 5 simple tips to start investing
3:04 (1) Identify your personal goals
3:27 (2) Make a budget and make it realistic
3:44 (3) Determine what type of investor you are
4:02 (4) Start investing sooner rather than later
4:10 (5) Get some good advice
5:10 Should we keep our investment property or sell it?
7:40 We’ve recently lost about 8% of our super due to COVID, how should we be protecting in?
12:52 How long does an employer have to pay contributions to their employees?
15:12 My husband is due to retire in a few months, but I will continue working part-time. Should I leave my super as is or should I start a transition to retirement pension?
18:10 What do I do to help get a better rate?
19:31 Should I be taking money out of my super to pay off my mortgage?

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