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To take out your Super or to let it continue compounding, that is the question with Jason Featherby

2:15 How will accessing your super early affect your future?
2:20 The impact for 25-30 years old.
3:50 The impact for 50 years and over.
5:00 Can I check my super history since 1990?
5:45 Finding lost Super.
6:05 Should you file your tax return now or wait for single touch payroll?
7:15 How much money do you need for retirement?
12:10 How do you transition to retirement?
14:15 The age to start thinking about a retirement plan for business owners.
15:15 How to recover super from overseas work?
17:00 Should I take out my super and reinvest or leave it in the superfund?
18:30 Are supposed to be winning or losing money with your super?

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