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Teaching your children about finances with Jason Featherby and Millsy on 6PR!

01:30 How/when should you start educating kids on money?

03:06 Three main points for preschoolers and children in kindy.

04:28 What could a 19-year-old do with their $15,000 in JobKeeper savings? 

09:37 How is GESB Super performing compared to “good” performing funds?

11:13 Can you open a Vanguard fund for your kids?

12:51 Tips for educating primary school children about money.

14:05 Can you automatically invest from a bank account without manually doing so?

16:38 Putting your child’s name under an investment.

18:52 Top tips for educating teenagers about money.

19:53 Should you include your teens in discussions about household bills?

20:19 Should you charge your children board once they start working?

20:42 Some good books under the Barefoot Investor.

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