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Taking Investment Risks

2:44 How are interest rates and the stock market impacting people’s propensity to take risk?
2:58 Danger in chasing returns at different times and impossibility of timing the market.
4:07 Advantages of having a diverse investment portfolio in the first instance.
4:20 (1) Able to tinker with existing assets dependent on market conditions.
5:40 Giving superannuation the attention it deserves.
5:59 Making decisions on changing your super.
9:10 Deciding between continuing to add to an interest-only loan and offset account or principal and interest loan to pay off an investment property.
10:45 Setting up super contributions to an existing account in a new job.
12:27 Investment options for when you want to retain full access to your money.
15:15 Advice for self-employees looking to take out loans but feeling limited by the options available to them.
18:26 Knowing when accounting fees in your SMSF are too high.
19:42 Consolidating Gold State Super with West State Super and assessing the risks.

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