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Superannuation, franchising and savings apps, with Jason Featherby and Millsy on 6PR!


00:30 Are credit cards really worth it? 

02:00 The catch with American Express credit cards.

03:11 What percentage of your super should be growth assets before retiring? 

04:44 Are young people paying enough attention to superannuation?

05:55 Is it wise to put your house on the line to buy a franchise?

08:50 The factors that determine whether you pay ‘capital’ or ‘revenue’ tax. 

11:27 How to rebuild your super balance after withdrawing.

14:50 Putting your super through the app ‘Raiz’.

16:58 What are the four top financial concerns for Australians?

17:31 How much money do you need to retire?

18:30 What are ‘discount deferrals’ and ‘employee share schemes’?

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