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Should you help your kids buy a home? With Jason Featherby!

1:50 – If you’re in a position to help your kids, why not help?
2:30 – You should be careful when and how you help your kids buy a house.
3:12 – Should your help be a ‘gift’ or should you expect your share of the money back eventually?
3:58 – Does a loan from your parents make you more likely to get a home loan from your bank?
4:43 – Save enough for a deposit and enough to get you into the housing market to prevent house prices from getting away from you.
7:00 – The fear of missing out in the housing market.
8:28 – Buying a house for your kids and leaving it in your name.
15:13 – The benefits of buying vacant land for your kids instead of a house.
17:13 – Why you should put any loans you give to your kids in writing with terms.
19:04 – Should a solicitor draw up your loan agreement?
20:55 – Keep it equal – give the same opportunities to all of your kids
21:36 – When is the right time to start planning to help your kids buy a home?

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