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Quitting Retirement

2:42 A growing number of Australians are quitting retirement and returning back to work. Why is that?
2:46 (1) Cost of living is rising for retirees.
3:28 (2) When we plan for retirement, we focus primarily on the monetary aspect of it. We don’t plan around our social lives, such as hobbies, volunteering and the like.
4:55 Alternatives to term deposits with a better return.
8:34 Getting around carried for losses with Centrelink when they label them as part of your income.
11:51 Capital gains tax and inherited shares.
14:51 Deciding whether to pay off your mortgage or contribute to super when you’re self-employed, but also have full-time employment as a PAYG.
17:47 Scenario: I’m 55 and for approximately $1,000 a year, my superannuation provider was offering me around $250,000 death cover. Is that a cost-effective offer or are there better options out there?

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