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Jason Featherby talks life insurance on 6PR!

1:44 – How much is too much insurance cover?
4:48 – Opting in vs opting out for life insurance – what do you need to know.
7:17- If you’re in a position to help your kids out financially, should you?
8:35 – Can superannuation help you out with a house deposit?
14:04 – We are 6-9 months into a bull market so we shouldn’t expect a severe market crash anytime soon.
15:12 – Income protection policies haven’t extended to catch up with new extensions before pension.
16:18 – Why you should ignore offers from subprime lenders on a fixed-term deposit.
18:13 – Recent changes for self-funded retirees to pay for accommodation for our growing ageing population.
22:08 – Can you salary sacrifice through super, withdraw it and then only pay 15%?

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