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Jason Featherby talks changes to income protection on 6PR!

1:58 – What is income protection?
4:00 – Changes are coming to income protection on October 1st 2021.
5:09 – Jason explains why income protection laws are changing.
6:10 – Using apps to round up your loose change and invest them.
7:36 – Federal government has changed the retirement age – will your income protection still cover you in the gap?
9:05 – Raiz is a great app to use to invest your spare change.
15:53 – Jason runs through the three big changes coming to income protection again.
17:10 – APRA is running these income protection changes.
17:33 – A mental illness diagnosis can affect your ability to get income protection.
19:45 – Jason shares his thoughts on what you should be looking for in income protection.
21:45 – Can you change your super fund without losing your income protection?
23:47 – Jason explains changes to the way your income is defined when you claim.

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