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Jason Featherby talks about why you should have a financial advisor on 6PR!

1:11 – Selling two properties – should you sell both within the same financial year?
2:36 – If you make capital gains on the sale of a house, can you put that into your superannuation?
3:50 – When you have a home loan with a broker, is it best to get a lower variable somewhere else or should you fix it?
5:22 – Jason discusses the importance of a financial advisor and talks through why people shouldn’t be afraid to trust them.
8:04 – Once your super is used up, can you apply for an old age pension?
13:45 – Teaching your children to save money – should a 7 year old child have a debit card?
17:14 – Where your money should go after you’ve paid off your mortgage.
18:39 – What you need to know about super splitting with your spouse.
20:25 – Is there a benefit to equalising the amount of super that you and your partner have or should it be based on age?
21:50 – Is there a grace period in the assets test?

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