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Jason Featherby on Afternoons talking mortgages, investment and superannuation

This week Jason Featherby sat down with 6PR’s Simon Beaumont to talk about how to manage mortgages before retirement as well as investments and superannuation.

02:05 – Owning a rental and choosing between a self managed fund or and income stream.
04:10 – Can you run your business through a property from my self managed super fund.
05:10 – Would you recommend paying off the mortgage first or put money into super?
10:23 – Being mortgage free at retirement.
11:25 – Is 50 (years old) too late to make a financial plan?
12:40 – What are the downsides of still having a mortgage when you retire?
13:42 – The pros and cons of selling an investment property pre or post retirement.
14:45 – How much can I contribute to my super? (Super Caps)
15:35 – The reason why people take longer to pay off their mortgage.

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