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Is now the time to sell your house? With Jason Featherby on 6PR!

2:06 -The right split of shares for an annuity pension.
3:40 – 1 in 4 Australians say they wouldn’t mind being paid in cryptocurrency.
5:05 – Jason discusses the current state of the property market.
6:02 – The federal government is encouraging people to downsize.
6:38 – You should always see value in your relationship with your financial advisor.
13:43 – Experiences with cryptocurrency can vary from person to person.
14:46 – How to manage holding two super funds.
16:12 – The tax office is releasing a website to help you compare super funds as of July 1 this year.
17:13 – Before the end of the financial year, how long do you have to contribute to your super fund?
17:19 – What is the maximum salary you are allowed to salary sacrifice?

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