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How to spot a scam with Jason Featherby on 6PR.

2:08 – Jason provides an update on how his cryptocurrency investment is performing.
3:13 – Scams in Australia have risen 34% in a year.
4:04 – The average amount lost by a scam is roughly $7,000.
4:44 – Is there a taxation advantage to withdrawing money from your super?
7:25 – Do you have to pay tax on any super withdrawals?
8:38 – Jason shares his telltale signs for a scam.
9:51 – What are the best ways to avoid a scam?
16:38 – What should you do when your partner passes away and you can’t access their super?
19:02 – If you’re unsure about whether something is a scam or not, it’s best to ignore it.
21:39 – Jason shares more tips on how to protect yourself from a scam.

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