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Food for thought for first home buyers with Jason Featherby and Millsy on 6PR!

02:10 What are the risks for first home buyers? 

03:00 What should buyers look for in a suburb?

03:47 Are home buyers’ grants being eaten up by higher land prices?

04:44 What impact are these grants having on house prices?

06:08 What should you consider before buying a house? 

07:05 What percentage of your income should go toward accommodation?

07:42 How to recover after making a poor investment property decision. 

09:37 Buying your ex out of your property after separation.

13:14 Is the recent growth in insurance premiums ‘normal’?

15:30 How much can a couple earn per year to remain on a pension?

17:30 Moving from a self-managed super fund to an industry fund.

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