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Diversifying Your Investment Mix

2:23 Including property in your investment mix.
2:50 The pitfalls of loading up your investment mix with property.
3:19 Discussing various loan options with no assets.
6:20 Qualifying for a pension when one spouse is of pension age and the other is not.
10:12 Scenario: Where to invest money that will be gifted to grandchildren between the ages of 2 and 15.
12:34 Where should property sit in your investment mix?
12:58 The downfalls of having property in your investment mix in retirement and the importance of having diverse, liquid assets.
13:48 Recent changes to closing inactive super accounts.
17:50 Claiming tax deductions and the eligibility for co-contributions.
20:00 Requirement by the bank to lodge probate after inheriting money through a deceased estate.

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