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Discussing Underinsurance

0:36 What is underinsurance?
0:58 The gap between what Australian families have in life insurance, and what we require.
1:10 Why do Australians underinsure ourselves and our families?
1:14 (1) Australians have a carefree attitude and it stops many of us confronting the possibility that we may suffer an insurable event.
1:40 (2) We’re not aware of the types of insurance available.
1:49 (3) 41% of Australians think that life insurance is too complicated.
1:54 (4) 1 in 4 Australians don’t know where to start when considering life insurance.
1:59 (5) 1 in 5 Australians think it’s too hard to select a product to suit their needs.
5:00 Scenario: my husband and I are both over 60 and have allowed our life insurance to lapse. Do we need it at this stage of our lives?
6:00 What happens to the life insurance that you took out with your spouse when you divorce?
10:46 Discussing income protection insurance.
14:12 Does your superannuation supply income protection and life insurance?
15:14 What’s the best longterm investment for my daughter who has money tucked away in a term deposit account?

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