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Deeming Rates

1:49 It’s estimated that about a million retiree’s savings are earning less than “deemed” to earn.
3:04 What can you do about it?
3:05 (1) Spend some of your capital in the interim period where interest rates are low.
3:17 (2) Try and budget to see where you can cut back.
3:26 (3) Re-enter the work force part-time as a pensioner.
3:46 (4) Downsize the family home to create more capital.
3:52 (5) Take more risks with your investments.
5:03 Re-investing super when you’re nearing retirement age and have been made redundant.
7:51 Can you claim sickness benefits through Centrelink if you’re employed but have run out of sick leave?
11:36 Changes to interest rates on pensioner’s savings accounts.
14:40 Re-entering the workforce after retiring.
16:14 Scenario: Am I better off keeping my money in an offset account against my mortgage or moving it to shares due to low interest rates?

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