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Can money buy happiness? With Jason Featherby and Millsy on 6PR!

0:50 Does an ‘optimal’ income exist? 

02:30 Does happiness increase as income increases?

04:00 Comparing Australia’s desired income with the rest of the world.

08:03 Do Australian employers pay superannuation on all earnings?

9:07 Talking through Australia’s income & happiness survey results.

11:01 How much money is needed per year to retire ‘comfortably’?

13:03 Retreating back to work once your super balance begins to go down. 

14:35 Why do Australians want more money than other countries?  

15:21 Is the ‘perfect’ income relative to cost of living? 

15:40 When should you start planning for retirement? 

16:05 Why time is your best friend when preparing for retirement. 

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