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Are you unprepared for retirement? With Jason Featherby on 6PR!

0:55 -Two-thirds of people think their money will run out during retirement.
1:25 – When do you know if you are mentally ready to retire?
2:00 – As a general rule, we think we need more money to retire than we actually do.
3:16 – It’s natural to be concerned if you’ve overspent in the first 10 years.
4:30 – What should you do when you’ve spent too much?
5:45 – Most Australians have enough for 14 years of retirement only.
12:08 – Jason shares his thoughts on family-friendly investments for children under 18.
14:20 – Changes are coming to the Refundable Accommodation Deposit for aged care homes.
14:59 – Can inactive superannuation policies be cashed out at your preservation age before retirement?
19:44 – According to Jason, many people put themselves under financial strain to help their kids out after retirement.

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