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All you should know about the current low-interest rates with Jason Featherby on 6PR!

2:17 – It has never been harder to shop around for interest rate returns.
3:17 – Jason offers advice on what to do about the current low rates.
4:40 – Lending your money to big banks – does this control investment risk?
7:20 – Borrowing money from a family member with interest – would this impact their pension?
13:00 – Should financial advisors be paid on commission or at a yearly rate?
15:04- The percentage of safe assets you have should be based on how old you are in decades.
16:38 – If you’re older than your partner, should you diversify your portfolio into the partner that is going to continue working to qualify for government benefits?
17:57 – Jason shares his opinion on reverse mortgage.
19:13 – Should you cancel your income protection and use that money for super instead?
20:52 – Can you make non-concessional contributions into your super at 65 if you’re not working?
21:47 – Starting an allocated pension – if you don’t need the funds, should they be left in super instead?

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