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Jason Featherby discusses the 2021 Federal Budget 6PR!

1:51 – Who were the biggest winners in this year’s budget?
2:35 – According to Jason, the scrapping of the work test was the biggest change
4:29 – The government are encouraging older people to sell their family home to put a fraction of it into super.
5:21 – Employers will now always be required to put super in for you, regardless of whether you are a low- income earner
5:44 – How to calculate capital gain tax on investment opportunities.
7:36 – Jason shares his advice on coming out of bankruptcy
13:24 – Jason runs through the other winners from this year’s budget.
14:05 – The budget has increased how much you can salary sacrifice into super for first home buyers.
15:01 – Did the budget mention any changes to Division 7A loans?
16:59 – Jason discusses options for paying aged care fees.

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