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11 Signs You’re Going to be Wealthy

02:18 Thinks they are about 5 off the total 11.
02:36 1) You start saving for retirement as soon as you start work.
03:45 2) You always make loan repayments in full and on time.
04:45 3) You shop around and look for deals.
08:00 4) You prepare for the unexpected and always have an emergency fund.
13:40 5) You don’t spend what you earn.
14:20 6) You contribute more than the minimum super contribution.
17:10 Complications to buying a house and renting it out.
21:10 Consolidating your super once your mortgage is paid off.
22:30 7) You have everything you need but not everything you want.
23:00 8) You are progressing in your career and asking for pay rises.
23:30 9) You don’t spend too much on housing – 30% of your income.
23:50 10) Your money in in diversified and aggressive investments.
24:20 11) You don’t have credit card debt.

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