MSWA Ocean Ride – Team NKH Knight

While we were cuddled up in bed early last Sunday morning Mat, Dean and Terryn were already wedged into their new NKH Knight cycling outfits and loading up on fluids in anticipation of completing the 100km ride in the MSWA Ocean Ride. They each did the uniform proud and performed well. The de-briefing that we overhead in the office on Monday morning included commentary about a punishing headwind at the end of the race, late cramping and how good everyone looked in their NKH Knight gear.  There was also some acknowledgement of fallen comrades in the form of the phantom rider (James) who did the training but never made it to the starting line.

This ride is held in order to raise awareness and money for those suffering from neurological conditions in WA and raised $191,037 this year which is a great achievement. Further details can be found here:

Congratulations guys. It is easier to not sign up for events like this but you set yourself the challenge, trained towards it and ultimately got to enjoy the feeling of completing it. An inspiration to us all!

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