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Jason Featherby and Knight’s Financial Advice team with Western Australia every step of the way

To most people, the world of finance and financial advice (whether as a business owner, individual or family) feels unapproachable, crowded with jargon, technical language and under-explanation.

Not with Knight

Knight has proudly supported Western Australians through financial planning and guidance since 1971. In recent years, Knight has demonstrated financial expertise by engaging with local media and community engagement opportunities in Perth – 6PR Radio Perth and Channel 9 News just to name a couple!

Ready to get started?

Knight’s financial advice team takes pride in providing exceptional financial planning services to Perth business owners and individuals, in a manner that feels approachable and attainable to achieve. Here’s how:

  • Jason Featherby partners with Julie-Anne Sprague of 6PR Afternoons every Wednesday, providing free financial insights and general advice* to local callers and the community. When Jason is unavailable, Jovan Cvetkoski steps in – putting his own spin on financial insights for the community and encouraging the Perth population to consider their financial situation and goals from the ground up.
  • Knight’s team of financial advisers takes the time to get to know you, ensuring your past and present monetary situations are understood, and your future goals are kept front-of-mind. A partnership with a Knight financial adviser starts with the end in mind, mapping out your long-term and short-term wins from there.
  • The Knight team speaks your language. Jargon, buzzwords and overcomplicated explanations don’t have a place in our vocabulary, so you can leave every interaction with your Knight financial adviser (whether Megan Darji, Jovan Cvetkoski, Jason Featherby, Peter Farlie, Tammy Stone, Kyle Brits, Rhea Donaghy or Caville Sarre) feeling empowered, informed and as passionate about growth as we are.
  • Our financial advice team works in full collaboration with your accountant (whether they are a Knight accountant or not), to ensure your needs are met from end to end. Our financial advice team provides the full spectrum of financial planning and guidance services, tailored to your unique needs:


    • Financial planning and goal setting
    • Superannuation including self-managed super support
    • Investment portfolio management
    • Intergenerational wealth transfer and wealth inheritance planning (whether related to traumatic events or a deceased estate)
    • Life insurance and income protection planning
    • Gearing strategies
    • Retirement planning
    • Centrelink and aged care advice strategies

Fundamentally, Knight’s mission is to support clients (individuals, families or businesses) as they strive for financial success, every step of the way. That starts with you.


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