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Seasoned financial advisor Jason Featherby joined Knight in 2005. As Head of Financial Advice, his knowledge, learnt from both experience and education, guides his and our approach to financial advice.

Strength in your corner

At Knight, we are proud to hold our own Australian Financial Service License, a testament to our commitment to maximising opportunities for our clients. This licence serves as a badge of trust and ensures that we adhere to the highest quality and regulatory standards, providing you with the peace of mind that your financial journey is in capable hands.

Our vision is clear: financial prosperity for all. We are driven to support you as you strive for financial success. Our team, composed of authorised representatives under our licence, is not only expertly qualified but also dedicated to remaining at the forefront of industry advancements through continuous learning.

“The legacy I hope to have developed here at Knight is the practical approach. I want to think that my team provides sensible advice that helps our clients understand their financial circumstances and build towards a sustainable, stress-free future.” Jason Featherby

The security of partnership

We understand your financial progress, whether for your business or personal endeavours, is of paramount importance. That’s why we operate with a laser-focus on supporting your growth, combining a long-term vision with short-term wins to ensure sustained success. We don’t just see ourselves as financial advisers; we see ourselves as partners in your journey, offering the strength you need in your corner.

Our commitment to expertise, passion, and focus is unwavering. We are ready to provide you with access to the best financial minds in Western Australia, ensuring that you benefit from the collective knowledge and experience that sets us apart. With us, you have a genuine partner with a shared passion for achievement, offering the high energy and dedication you expect from your financial team.

You’re a business or an individual looking for support and advice in managing your super. Market investments, super choice and even when to access your super is in your court. The right path looks different for everyone and we work with you to find yours. Our goal is to teach our clients what they need to know to feel confident in managing their financial future.

Meeting your goals requires a plan, and with our guidance, saving for retirement is easy. Our strategies will be optimised to your needs to help you grow your money. We offer the best advice for you, from a team of laser-focused high-energy financial experts dedicated to supporting you in your path to financial success.


Secure your financial future

We start with the end in mind, mapping out the path to your financial goals. Your success is our priority, and our partnership is built on trust, transparency, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Whether you’re aiming for long-term financial stability or short-term wins, we are here to guide you with a commitment to your prosperity.

Choose Knight for a financial partner that not only understands your aspirations but is also deeply invested in your success. With us, you have more than advisers; you have a dedicated team passionate about seeing you thrive.

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