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Understanding Fixed Income

3:08 What is fixed income?
3:50 Other examples of fixed interest investments include bonds, mortgages, hybrid notes and term deposits.
4:05 How are they different to shares?
4:15 Understanding where they fit in your investment mix.
4:40 Do fixed income investments carry risks? If so, what are they?
(1) Credit risks.
(2) Inflation risks.
5:03 What are the benefits of fixed income investments?
(1) Receive a better income than what you would get from a bank in terms of a term deposit.
(2) Act as a volatility buffer, as you shouldn’t invest all of your money in shares and property.
6:19 Discussing GESB Gold State super.
7:51 Deciding whether to make smaller mortgage repayments in favour of larger GESB West State super contributions.
11:17 The disadvantages of purchasing a house through a company.
13:37 Salary sacrificing into super in order to make larger mortgage repayments.
18:11 What is the current political landscape looking like?

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