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Tips For Finding a Financial Planner

3:30 What you should be asking when trying to find a Financial Planner
3:45 (1) Make sure what your planner is offering matches your expectations
4:13 (2) Sign a Service Agreement
4:45 (3) Be realistic about your goals
5:28 (4) If you don’t understand something coming from your Financial Advisor, don’t be afraid to ask
6:15 Can you move shares across to super, without selling and paying capital gain? Do you need a self-managed super fund?
7:45 Are fixed or variable home loans more advantageous?
8:36 Should I be putting extra savings into super or buying a house?
12:53 More tips for finding a financial planner
12:54 (5) Don’t agree to invest in anything you don’t understand
13:12 (6) Make sure the advice you get is understandable
13:20 (7) Make sure you’re not being promoted a self-managed super fund when you don’t need one
13:43 Using a binding financial agreement to merge assets with a partner
18:49 What to expect from a meeting with a financial planner
20:13 How much do you need to have in super to get an income of $50-$60 000 a year in retirement

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