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The five big investment traps to avoid with Jason Featherby on 6PR!

1:54 – The five big traps investors need to avoid – avoid being overconfident and set up your own investment process with your own rules.
3:26 – Avoid herding, don’t follow the crowd when it comes to investing.
6:57 – Having a reasonable sum parked against an investment property vs managed funds – which is better?
9:28 – When it comes to investments avoid anchoring – don’t hold onto an irrational idea.
10:29 – Avoid choosing investments based on familiarity – not all investments need to be in Australia.
11:30 – Gambler’s fallacy, the mistaken belief that a random process becomes less random and more predictable as it is repeated, should be avoided.
12:14 – Given the share market has gone up so high in the past 12 months, will there be a leg down soon?

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