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Jason Featherby talks changes coming to superannuation this June on 6pr!

1:52 – The ABS has released data on the average first and second withdrawal for early access to super during COVID.
3:00 – The ABS has also revealed how most people used this money.
4:15 – If you’re employed as of June 1, you will have more put into your super by your employer.
4:40 – How the increase in super guarantee will affect employers.
5:07 – Jason discussed how you should prepare for this increase in super guarantee.
7:12 – You should have in safe shares a % for every decade you are old.
9:18 – Is super tax-free?
9:39 – The amount we can contribute into our super is also increasing on June 1.
16:33 – If you have any cash, Jason discusses how you should make the most of it in superannuation before the end of financial year.
18:05 – Can you take money out of your mortgage and put it into a superannuation fund?
20:04 – If your partner doesn’t meet the annual superannuation contribution cap, can you fill up their side of the cap yourself?
22:23 – Does it make a difference whether a permanent disability payout makes its way into your super before or after the end of financial year?

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