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Practical Tips to Reduce Your Household Debt

1:31 Household debt is close to 200% of our income.
2:02 Australia sits 4th in OECD countries in household debt.
2:45 Practical tips on reducing your household debt.
3:24 Claiming tax reductions on untaxed super contributions.
5:49 Discussing the black economy legislation.
9:00 Where to place sale proceeds in the short term before purchasing a new house.
12:48 Are quarterly superannuation payments detrimental to your super account?
15:09 Rolling over super funds.
17:49 Jason’s thoughts on the CommSec mobile app.
19:45 Superannuation advice following retirement.
21:13 There’s good debt and bad debt: the former enables you to build wealth in the longterm and whilst the bad diminishes in value.
21:30 Practical tips to help reduce your household debt.
21:38 (1) Change your behaviour by setting up a budget so that you can track your spending.
21:52 (2) Have a plan of attack for reducing debt, i.e., paying off smaller debts first.
22:03 Consolidate your bad debts into your mortgage.
22:17 Once you have everything under control, set up a regular savings plan.

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