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Negative Gearing

2:03 Labor are proposing to limit negative gearing tax breaks to new properties only.
2:40 What is negative gearing?
3:40 Why would limiting negative gearing work?
5:25 Should I be drawing 10% of super into a salary sacrifice for tax benefits?
7:45 The best ways to invest savings as a young adult.
11:33 What to do if you have income protection and insurance as part of a salary package and superannuation.
13:20 How to get access to a UK pension once you’ve returned back to Australia.
17:00 What to do if you are putting a large amount of money into your super and not getting a lot in return.
18:36 Self managed superfunds vs. industry superfunds.
19:37 How should I organise my self-managed superfund so that my wife will be able to access it once I’m gone.

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