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Managing the Risk That We Might Outlive our Money

2:40 Since the GFC, the share market has doubled and interest rates have come down considerably.
3:10 We need to get used to lower returns and observe the greater risk that we might live longer than our money does.
3:17 As an executor, where to find details of the deceased’s share portfolio in order to complete probate.
6:37 Withdrawing lump sums from super, battling high fees and other super queries.
12:20 Paying off your mortgage rather than making super payments.
15:45 If a husband and wife bought two properties in their individual names, would they need to pay land tax?
16:54 Situation: Once I turn 60, can I take super out without having to pay tax? If I leave it to my children , will they have to pay tax?
18:17 Withdrawing a term deposit from the bank that’s matured and investing elsewhere.

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