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How to manage your superannuation before the end of financial year with Jason Featherby on 6PR!

1:32 – Jason discusses last year’s federal budget and what to expect from this year.
3:02 – With the end of the financial year approaching, now’s the time to sort out any tax issues.
3:15 – Jason explains the rules of super and what you can and can’t do in the lead-up to June 30.
5:32 – Your assessable assets will determine whether or not you’re eligible for a pension.
7:46 – Are contributions to your partner’s super tax-deductible?
14:17 – Can you roll money from one super account to your partner?
15:08 – If you’ve reinvested dividends from old shares, do they take the cost base from every year’s dividends?
16:64 – Is there a cap on non-concessional contributions can you make to your super?
17:09 – Once you hit 65, you can access all of your super.
17:47 – If you’re approaching retirement age and have money just sitting in the bank, move it to super.
18:35 – When applying for a pension card as a couple, how much taxable income are you allowed?
19:41 – Can you have a self-managed super fund that deals with cryptocurrency?

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