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Jason Featherby talks life insurance and income protection on 6PR!

2:05 – Banks have announced they will increase home loans soon.
3:45 – If you’re going to borrow, now may be the time.
4:13 – Is it the time to be aggressive as an investor?
5:17 – As a rule of thumb, you should have in safe assets the same in percentage terms as you are decades old.
5:33- Jason shares his thoughts on insurance through super.
6:25 – The price of industry super funds are increasing significantly.
7:05 – The importance of reading the terms and conditions when buying cover.
7:52 – While income protection laws are changing on October 1st, life insurance laws are staying the same.
8:30 – If your life insurance is too easy to get, it probably won’t provide good enough cover.
13:25 – If you can no longer work due to an injury or illness, can you claim the money you’ve been paying through income protection back as a fee for no service?
14:32 – What to look for when choosing a salary continuance policy in super.
17;10 – Jason shares his thoughts on using your super for special disability housing.
19:11 – The risks of having an indemnity style income protection policy.
21:20 – When you claim, you always need your original policy document.
11:36 – When you buy an indemnity style income protection policy, do you have to inform them every time your income increases?

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