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Jason Featherby talks inflation and interest rates on 6PR!

2:34 – Why are people worried about inflation at the moment?
4:04 – Can the reserve bank really guarantee interest rates won’t rise for 4 years?
5:45 – We should expect interest rates to go up eventually.
10:50 – Jason shares his thoughts on the new Vanguard superannuation product that has just been announced.
13:12 – How using apps to keep the change when you make a purchase and invest them into shares is a great way to save.
14:10 – If you have definite plans for funds within 12 months, it may be too risky to invest that money into shares.
15:50 – If you have the cash, should you buy a commercial property?
16:56 – Commercial properties are best owned through a self-managed super fund.
17:38 – Can you make superannuation contributions to bring down your taxable income?
18:19 – Raiz is a great app to use to invest and save money.
21:26 – Beware of locking into a mortgage agreement, make sure you know the penalties if you need to sell it.

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