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Interest Only Loans

1:45 650 000 people in Australia has interest only loans, but many of them are due to mature or expire in the next 18-24 months.
2:34 I can access my super in about 7 years, but I don’t want it to go through another GFC. What should I do with it?
4:39 I got liquidated about 2 weeks ago and I’m quite weary of financial advisors. I realise I need to start somewhere, but I’m not sure where that is. How would you suggest I find a financial advisor?
6:18 I’m looking for some advice on using my superfund to develop a block of land I already own.
8:53 I have an investment property that I have used as my primary residence since 2007. It has been an interest only loan since leasing it in 2007, I’m worried about what will happen in 24 months when it does expire/mature.
13:25 I have retired recently, but I probably won’t need to use my superfund for a couple of years, what should I do with it in the meantime?
16:17 Tips to follow if you have an interest only loan that will convert to a principle plus interest loan over the next two years.
19:00 My partner and I are in our mid 50s and are looking for solutions to our finances. At the same time, we are getting calls for finance companies inviting us to dinners and seminars. What are the ethical considerations around this?

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