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How to maximise financial comfort in time for retirement with Jason Featherby on 6PR!

In this week’s podcast, Jason Featherby joined Millsy to discuss altering life insurance, being disciplined during interest-free periods and the three biggest contributors to household spending. Jason answered personal finance questions about maximising what’s left for your estate and withdrawing and redepositing super to leave for your loved ones.

00:57 Telstra’s unexpected updates to phone plans.

02:15 Is now the time to sell your shares and reduce your mortgage?

06:06 The problem with interest rates at the moment.

06:25 Self-managed super funds and managing your life insurance

09:11 What should you do before altering your life insurance?

13:40 Pay-day lenders and Afterpay, are they worth it?

15:15 Being disciplined during interest-free periods.

15:45 Should you withdraw and redeposit your super as non-concessional?

18:38 Making changes to super to maximise what’s left to your estate.

19:22 The three biggest contributors to household spending.

21:10 ‘Gifting’ an investment property, what are the cons?

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