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Franking Credits

3:03 I’m a self-funded retiree and want to learn more about Labor’s proposed changes to imputation credits will affect me.
5:38 Options for you if you are in a situation where you will be affected by imputation credits.
6:07 (1) Look at other ways of investing, such as those that pay distributions rather than dividends.
6:28 (2) If you are on the borderline of receiving an aged pension but you are a little bit over the assets test limit, you might think about spending money to get yourself under the top asset threshold.
7:45 If Labor are elected and if the changes are enacted through legislation, there will be ways to minimise your loss of income by diverting funds elsewhere and seeking advice.
8:05 If I’m self-employed, am I better off paying myself superannuation than paying down my mortgage as much as I can?
12:00 Scenario: I’m 60, self-employed and recently acquired a sum of money. Am I better off to invest it or pay it into my superannuation?
15:23 Putting income generated from an investment property into superannuation.
17:15 Are employees obliged to salary sacrifice or can they refuse to do so?
18:16 Discussing super co-contribution.
20:24 Can I keep my franking credits if I receive a part-pension?

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