Finance: Key Super Changes in the New Year

01:10 Can you explain the criteria for using some of your super to clear your mortgage?

03:40 What is new to the new super guarantee that came through recently? 

04:43 Regulations around salary when not receiving a super. 

06:15 Tax implications on your superannuations when handing them over to someone else.

09:46 How do you claim your super if your company went bankrupt? 

14:15 What do I do if I haven’t received my super from the company I am currently working at and they won’t assist me? 

16:57 Do children inheriting property need to pay capital gains tax on the transfer? 

19:35 Does the 10% drawdown from the super have to come only from the transition to a retirement fund or from any fund? 

20:01 What is the best debt to have?

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