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Coronavirus and its Impact on the Economy

1:26 Coronavirus’ disruption to the supply chain and your household budget
2:33 If the opportunity presents itself, should I pay off my mortgage outright or hold onto the money and use it elsewhere
6:18 The differences between retail and industry super funds
8:30 I recently sold a block of land and want to gift money to sick siblings, how much am I able to give?
12:49 Using managed funds and an offset account to reduce interest on a mortgage
16:18 Using a transition to retirement account or taking superannuation as a lump sum to reduce the impact of share market fluctuations
18:05 Investing super directly into property to make a profit in a tax-free environment
20:16 Selling an investment property and placing the money into super before retirement age
22:06 I own my own property and have just had a large sum of money come through maturity, what should I do with it?
23:50 Jason’s advice on the Coronavirus and its impact on the Australian economy
24:00 (1) Don’t panic and keep things in perspective
24:33 (2) If you have cash on the sidelines, don’t deploy it all at once but do start chipping away at stocks that you have your eye on
24:40 (3) Make sure you’ve got your asset mix right

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