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Conservative or Active Investment Options

2:03 Ensuring you’re getting your money’s worth with your financial advisor.
4:09 Advice on managing your superfund: is it better to have a conservative or active approach?
4:56 Impact of low-interest rates on those that have been conservative and have had their money in term deposits or cash-based investments.
5:39 Moving out of cash-based investments and building an income-oriented portfolio.
6:54 Changes to capping fees on low-balance super accounts, banning exit fees and closing small, inactive super accounts.
9:25 Advice on investing in a term deposit or superannuation.
12:45 Can I put my employee contributions into my older spouse’s super so that I can access them sooner?
15:02 Will the changes to dormant super accounts affect Commonwealth super funds?
16:25 Discrepancy on earning 2% on a term deposit and Centrelink reporting earnings of 3.25%.
18:08 Is income protection for stay-at-home mums worth it or a waste of money?
19:45 Changing your gross payments so that you receive more in super than in your bank account.

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