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Risk levels, returns and consolidating funds. Super considerations with Jason Featherby on 6PR!

This week, Jason Featherby joined Millsy to discuss some important factors to consider when it comes to super fees, matching risk levels to life stages and over-insuring. Jason then answered personal finance questions about the structuring of wills, choosing the right super fund to consolidate funds and the importance of income protection.  

1:58 – Why you should stick to one super fund.
3:30 – What to look for in super fees.
4:30 – Choosing a super risk level suitable for your stage of life.
6:18 – Has legislation changed around gaining financial advice for super?
7:21 – What does over-insuring mean?
9:10 – Income protection, do we all need it?
13:44 – Structuring a will and gaining Centrelink assistance in retirement.
18:10 – What kind of returns should your super fund be achieving?
19:02 – Comparing super funds with MySuper – the good and the bad.
20:05 – Deciding on which super fund to consolidate your super in.
24:05 – Outdated income protection payments, who’s to blame?

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