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2019 Federal Budget

2:18 Reasons for changing from DRP stream to cash dividends.
4:43 Scenario: I’m 56 and about to start a new job. Should I put the money towards my super or mortgage?
7:00 Why has the budget been brought forward from May to April?
7:20 Expectations of what to see in this year’s budget.
7:45 Who will benefit from the budget results?
8:30 Likely losers of the budget.
9:36 Benefits and pitfalls of transitioning to retirement pensions.
12:58 Investing money left to minors.
16:56 Putting money towards super or your mortgage when you’re self-employed and have little to no super in the first instance.
19:14 Switching from an interest only loan to a principal and interest loan to pay off an investment property.

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