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Jason Featherby on 6PR – Avoiding Lifestyle Creep

2:03 Why do we spend everything we make and find it hard to save?
3:46 How to avoid lifestyle creep
3:49 (1) Pay yourself first
4:33 What should you do if you have debt?
5:28 Where does lifestyle creep come from?
6:45 How to use a line of credit to stop lifestyle creep habits
10:34 Using superannuation to buy a block of land
12:11 Tips on avoiding lifestyle creep cont.
12:19 (2) Do a budget
12:52 (3) Reduce your credit card limits
13:29 I’m looking to start a new business, should I lease out the commercial property or purchase it?
16:26 The pros and cons of a Transition to Retirement pension
19:25 Advice on an investment opportunity
21:31 Equity release and reverse mortgages

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